Coming September 17 and 18, 2015

Forkland's Kentucky Arts and History Day for Kids

An Educational Experience Designed by Teachers for Students

Forkland's Kentucky Arts and History Day for Kids is and educational, interactive, hands-on, living-history experience designed by teachers specifically for students using Kentucky's Core Academic Standards.  As teachers, we understand the educational needs and accountability of today's schools and classrooms.  Forkland's Kentucky Arts and History Day for Kids was created to engage students and make Kentucky Arts & History come to life.

Designed by Teachers: Forkland's Kentucky Arts and History Day is closely aligned with Kentucky's Core Academic Standards and provides evidentiary support within multiple disciplines and areas within school's Program Review.

Interactive and Hands-On Activities will include:

-  Early American Pioneer Survival, Culture, and Interaction
-  Native American Culture
-  Indigenous Kentucky Plants and Wildlife
-  Colonial Music and Art
-  A one-room schoolhouse where students can participate in a class from the 1800s.
-  Practical map reading skills by navigating through a corn maze.
-  And much, much, more!!!

This event must be scheduled and coordinated through your local school. Your children cannot attend unless you are scheduled with a school group. Please ask your school if they are involved in this event.  If they are not, please have them contact Jamie M. Hamblin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Jamie can register your school for this special event and home-school teachers are welcome!